2018 Girls Volleyball Bracket

Hosted by Episcopal Dallas  Map        Get directions

Comp = Competition Gym (upstairs), ESD
Hag = Haggar Gym (downstairs), ESD
The higher (better) seeded team in each game will wear white jerseys. In the event both teams have the same seed, the north team will wear white.

Game #DateTimeLocationTeam 1 (home)Team 2 (visitor)
111/08/20185:00pm Comp S4 Kinkaid3 N5 Trinity Valley0
211/08/20185:00pm Hag N3 Greenhill3 S6 John Cooper2
311/08/20187:00pm Comp S3 St. Andrew's3 N6 FWCD0
411/08/20187:00pm Hag N4 Oakridge1 S5 Houston Christian3
511/09/201810:00am Comp N1 Hockaday3 Kinkaid0
611/09/201810:00am Hag S2 Episcopal3 Greenhill2
711/09/201812:00pm Hag N2 Episcopal Dallas3 St. Andrew's0
811/09/201812:00pm Comp S1 St. John's3 Houston Christian0
911/09/20182:00pm Hag Trinity Valley0 John Cooper3
1011/09/20184:00pm Hag FWCD1 Oakridge3
1111/09/20182:00pm Comp Hockaday1 Episcopal3
1211/09/20184:00pm Comp Episcopal Dallas0 St. John's3
1311/10/201810:00am Hag John Cooper3 Oakridge1
1411/10/201812:00pm Hag St. Andrew's3 Houston Christian0
1511/10/201810:00am Comp Kinkaid3 Greenhill0
1611/10/201812:00pm Comp Hockaday2 Episcopal Dallas3
1711/10/20182:00pm Comp Episcopal1 St. John's3